Mashup Media and The Fellow on Call: The Heme/Onc Podcast Announce Partnership

Mashup Media, LLC is pleased to announce a new partnership with The Fellow on Call: The Heme/Onc Podcast, hosted by Ronak Mistry, DO; Vivek Patel, MD; and Dan Hausrath, MD.

Adding to the success of The Fellow on Call platform, which its founders use to share essential concepts and management approaches in hematology and oncology, this collaboration will contribute high-quality and impactful content for distribution across multiple Mashup Media, LLC brands, including DocWire News, Blood Cancers Today, and MashupMD. All content will be curated and produced by The Fellow on Call team to spark insightful conversation of interest to anyone in hematology and oncology—from students and trainees to nurses, advanced practice providers, pharmacists, and practicing physicians.

The partnership, which begins in March 2023, will generate regular email content delivered through the MashupMD platform and shared across other related Mashup Media, LLC brands. It will provide easily digestible information, the latest news, and simplified approaches to common questions. “When we started our fellowships in hematology and oncology, we quickly realized we knew very little about the field. There are many resources and interview-style podcasts available, but we found there was no central resource that provided a logical roadmap from the foundations to more nuanced management discussions,” The Fellow on Call hosts said.

Content published by The Fellow on Call through this partnership is essential to hematology and oncology. “We spend countless hours preparing each episode to provide foundational concepts and easily understandable, evidence-based frameworks for topics in classical hematology, solid tumor oncology, and malignant hematology. Our educational philosophy revolves around taking our audience through a series of episodes, including natural history, basic diagnostic workup, brief historical context of treatment, and finally a management algorithm with a critical analysis of the data emerging from current trials. We have ‘capstone’ discussions with other experts from multiple disciplines, including pathology, radiology, pharmacy, pulmonary, GI, radiation oncology, and surgery to provide unique insights on these topics,” said the hosts of The Fellow on Call.

In each episode, Drs. Mistry, Patel, and Hausrath take us through discussions as “hematology and oncology fellows” at the fictitious Rouleaux University Medical Center. Drs. Mistry and Patel are hosts and co-founders of the podcast, while Dr. Hausrath is a host who joined the team shortly after the podcast was created. They are working to expand their team and have recruited Madeline Fitzpatrick, MD, and Maria Khan, MD, residents in internal medicine who plan to pursue a fellowship in hematology and oncology.

Each member of The Fellow on Call: The Heme/Onc Podcast is a trusted physician who is passionate about keeping the public up to date and informed in the hematology and oncology sphere. Their mission is to answer common questions in the field, all driven by evidence and expert opinion.
“It is important for us to work with partners who reinforce our mission to educate, inform, and support physicians in new, innovative ways,” remarked JC Landry, CEO of Mashup Media. “We are committed to making content openly accessible to all health care providers and fostering an environment where HCPs can easily and effectively access the information they need to be successful. In this spirit, we are excited to partner with The Fellow on Call and expand our audience to students, trainees, and fellows—the future of health care.”

See more from The Fellow on Call: The Heme/Onc Podcast at The Fellow on Call | DocWire News and The Fellow on Call | Blood Cancers Today, and subscribe to their feed on MashupMD.

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